The Premier League

In addition to our regular League and The Shark Cage, we have additional points for the winner of each Event - these are Premier League Points. The Premier League runs along side our regular League and is another way for Players to win great prizes.

The winner of each Event receives Premier League Points equal to the number of Players in the Event. For instance, if an Event has 25 Players then the winner receives 25 Premier League Points. These points are accumulate during the qualification period and the top players play in the Premier League Final. The Final is a series of heats to determine the final table and the winners at the final table receive prizes.

The Premier League is an overall League (all of Cool Mule Poker). View the Premier League Leaderboards.

There is only 1 way to qualify for the Premier League Final - accumulate enough points by winning Events and end up "above the cut off line" on the Premier League Leaderboard at the end of the qualification period.

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