Opportunities for Players

Are you a poker player who just loves the game and loves the social aspect of a fun night out? Do you have a natural attention to detail? Do you want to make a few extra bucks? Well, here are a few things we have available for players who want to get involved with helping us grow the league and the game.

New Venues:
Players are now taking advantage of this opportunity ... and it is quite simple ... find us a new venue, earn a percentage of the revenue ... and, this goes for as long as the venue is part of the league! Yep, that is called mailbox money - because you get a cheque at the end of each season in your mailbox. So help us grow and make a few bucks! Contact us for more details.

Tournament Director:
We train you and show you the ropes. It's easy, fun and while you won't get rich, you may get some free food and maybe even make a few bucks. Contact us for more details.

League Manager:
We are at the point now that we have a great system set up and we can duplicate it to help you develop your own League. We will licence our brand and system to you for a very reasonable percentage and then train you and help you get set up. This is easy for some people but not for others so if you feel you have what it takes we would be happy to discuss the options with you. Do you want your own League - your own geographic location? Contact us for more details.

Sponsorship Sales:
We now have sponsorship opportunities for businesses who want a little more exposure for their product or service at a reasonable cost (see the ads on the right side of this page). Sponsors will make contributions towards prizes and in turn will receive various sponsorship packages. Players who bring in the sponsor will receive a percentage of the value of the sponsorship - it's that simple. Contact us for more details.

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