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Why a poker league?

The bar/restaurant business is tough. Everyone is competing for customers. It costs time, money and effort to build a loyal customer base. Establishments deserve a fair and affordable way to draw in customers to make sales. A poker league does that!

Texas Hold'em Poker is now main stream and has become a fast growing pass-time in North America with free-to-play poker leagues all over the continent. Live free-to-play poker nights are bringing new and repeat customers into bars and restaurants while providing a refreshing alternative to, or complimentary addition to, traditional entertainment such as quizzes and Karaoke.

Just think about it. 20 to 30 or more people in your establishment every week, week after week. Cars in the parking lot. Extra business on slow nights to keep your cash flowing and your servers happy with more tips. New customers exposed to your establishment. Additional business from the players on non-poker nights.

Joining Cool Mule Poker as a Venue is simple. Just contact us and we will answer all your questions. We have a great systemized approach. Every single aspect of running a successful league is detailed in our system. We help you with everything. And our fees are ridiculously low - other service providers have come and gone because they charged too much and the venues could not afford it. This is not our livelihood (but it is our passion) and as such we do not need to overcharge - so we don't.

Give your patrons something they want - a great league - the thrill of a points race - and the potential to move on to bigger events through our prizing system. And, generate some income for your establishment!

Got it? Questions? Feel free to contact us.

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