Info for Players

Joining Cool Mule Poker is simple. Just show up at any Venue 15 to 20 minutes before an Event and inform the Venue staff that you wish to play. They will introduce you to the Tournament Director who will set you up. You can join at any point in the Season and you don’t have to play every week – you play the Events you want. If you need any help with the rules or how to deal etc. the Tournament Director will answer any of your questions and the Players are always very helpful.

A Season is a qualification period followed by a Season Finale tournament. There are 3 Seasons per year (4 months each). January 1 to April 30, May 1 to August 31 and September 1 to December 31 each year.

A League is a geographic region where there are Venues.

A Venue is a bar/restaurant/etc. that hosts a regular Event.

An Event is poker tournament held at a Venue. Events are usually regularly scheduled at the same time and on the same day each week. Events that fall on dates within a Season are used as qualification Events for that Season.

Each Season, Venues in a League host regular Events where Players attempt to gain Points based on their finish position. These Points are entered into a database and displayed on various Leaderboards. The top Players on each Leaderboard (based on specific formulas) are invited to the Season Finale where they play for prizes and where a new League Champion is determined.

It’s ‘free’ right?
Bar/restaurant/pub Events are ‘free-to-play’ for the players. This means there is no entry fee or fee of any kind. But, the Venue does pay us (Cool Mule Poker) to bring in paying customers (players) and they also pay us for the training and league administration. What this means is that while it is ‘free’ for the players to play, the Venue has a reasonable expectation that their customers (players) will purchase a reasonable amount of food and drinks over the course of a Season. This is a reasonable expectation and since Venues will always choose paying customers over non-paying customers, it’s east to see how the players can ensure that their Venue and League survive and thrive. Simply support the Venue with sales.

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