About Cool Mule Poker

Established in December of 2008, Cool Mule Poker has been running fun and free to play poker events all over Ontario ever since. Our philosophy is a 'by players, for players' approach where the emphasis is on a great experience for the players. If the players have a great experience, the Venues will have a thriving league and a thriving night of business every night there is a poker event.

For us it's not about easy administration or making loads of money. It's about a fun league. A league where players enjoy the experience, the company, the Venue and the thrill of a points race. It's about the fun side of poker without the risk.

We encourage you to come out and try it. If you love poker or you are a new player looking to learn, a Cool Mule Poker night is a great time. If you don't have a Venue close by, let us know about your regular hang out and we will see about getting a league started there.

Questions? Ideas? A new Venue? Sponsorship? Contact Us!